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Merry Christmas From P2/3

Christmas Greetings from Primary 2/3!

It’s hard to believe that we have finally arrived at the Christmas holidays – what a quick term it has been. This week has absolutely flown by!

Here are some of our highlights from this week.


Our week started with a fun movie afternoon.

Chloe – ‘We had to decide on lots of things like what we were going to eat. I had popcorn and haribos and a drink.’

Emilie – ‘We had to pick our class movie to watch and snacks. We had to vote for it and the most popular movie won.’

‘Michelle – ‘The Grinch won because it had the most tally marks.’

Mara – ‘I liked the movie a lot as The Grinch wanted to steal Christmas at first. At the end it was a happy ending.’

The children were exhausted by the end of their Christmas party as they basically danced, played games, danced, played games and danced….. until they were ready to drop. I am sure most of them will have been in bed early that night! As a class, they decided which games they wanted to play and they played a lot! It was so lovely to see everyone looking so pretty and handsome with their party outfits on and excited coming in to school.

Sophie – ‘We made snowflakes and we had to choose if we were making them from just a sheet of paper or if we were using the printed one. I chose the challenge. It was tricky folding the paper but I managed it.’

We have had a Reindeer theme this week in Primary 2/3.


Primary 2 3 had a surprise virtual visit from Poppy the Elf.

Anna F – ‘Poppy had been put in charge of all the reindeer but had lost Blitzen, Dancer and Comet. We had to help her find them again using our imagination!’

Emilie – ‘She had a  big problem because she had managed to lose three reindeer.’

Regan – ‘Comet was in the cave and we had to clap out Jingle Bells to persuade him to come out.’

Anna F – ‘When we heard Santa’s bells ringing we had to freeze because Santa was not allowed to know that some of his reindeer were missing.’

Emilie – ‘We found Blitzen in the jungle and he made SO MANY rude noises that made us laugh! We had to make him come back with his favourite mangoes.’

Carly – ‘Yesterday we made different reindeer cards by using our thumbprints. We had one thumbprint for each different member of our family.’

Freya – ‘I loved making  my reindeer card today. It was tricky to draw round my left hand then cut out both hands but I  am very proud of my work!

Lucy – ‘In Writing this week I loved making a reindeer poster. It had a special message to everyone that is important for this time of year. YOU MUST ALWAYS FEED THE REINDEER SO THEY DO NOT GET WEAK. SANTA NEEDS THEM TO BE STRONG FOR THE LONG JOURNEY AHEAD.’

Anna F – ‘We watched a clip where Santa got lots of treats left out for him but no-one left anything for Rudolph or the other reindeer.’


Mrs Kerr and I wish all our P2/3 families a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021. We have made it! Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts and messages – they are very much appreciated.

Stay healthy and safe for our return in January 2021.


From Primary 2/3, Mrs Scott and Mrs Kerr

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